The wrongful use of antibiotics in the poultry industry is spawning global superbugs and skewing up the food chain. But this is just one of many problems plaguing the conventional poultry industry. We treat our hens with utmost care and concern taking all precautions even in minute issues of the birds.

Our hens have easy access to fresh, clean water and an exceptionally nutritious diet for full health and vigor. The hens are provided with 100% natural vegetarian feed. It is an open fact that stressed hens give bad quality eggs. Good eggs farm implements sustainable farming technique and our whole approach is probably the first and new practical approach in the whole of Telangana.


Stress free and utmost clean environment for the hens

Manure of the hens is not allowed to pile up. About 3 or 4 times a day, the manure is transferred to the biogas plant

The hens are housed in environment controlled sheds which are completely automateThe hens are housed in environment controlled sheds which are completely automated

The sensors take care of the temperature of the shed and feed, water for the hens to minimize human error

Feed of the hens is tested vigorously on the feed mill before it reaches the hens finally

The automation ensures all the elements are taken care of to keep the hens safe and secure eliminating the blunders of an unqualified/ untrained workforce

Fresh air is pumped into the sheds eliminating the threat of pollution

Since the sheds are not open and the manure isn’t piled up, there is no threat from the migratory birds that might cause bird flu.

It means supporting the absolute highest standards of animal welfare and food safety.
Hiring employees with the utmost integrity and treating them with gratitude and respect!